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Norrine Nelson, President of The When Doves Cry Foundation, is a born-again believer, having been trained up in the Lord at an early age.  She began doing charity/missionary work while attending her church.  Norrine is familiar with the outreaches in Minneapolis, Minnesota having worked for the Hennepin County Economic Assistance/Community Services Department for 33 years.  Norrine has a heart of compassion for all people.

Sharon L. Nelson, is a Board of Directors member.  Instilled in me was the quality of working hard and living to spread Love just as it was instilled in our Brother Prince. I studied at the MacPhail Center for Music and I was also employed in a major corporation in the Accounting and Marketing departments for many years. Now I am working full time as Composer, and Producer. My Brother and I always helped those less fortunate than us, so it is with great pleasure that I be a part of our own Charity to continue the Prince legacy of helping others in need.

John Nelson, is a Board of Directors member.  He says he can relate to the homeless having lived a life of wanderings on the streets of Los Angeles at one time.  Through God’s help, he’s been restored and ready to help those in need.  John is also a self-taught musician who play's the keyboard, guitar and also loves to paint.  

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